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Tuscan starters made of salami de Il Borgo IgP (Siena), pecorino cheese Dop from Il Fiorino (Maremma), selection of craft toasted bread with seasonal products and tuscan vegetables in oil

Pecorino Cheese DOP selected from the Caiseificio “il Fiornino” in the Maremma of Tuscany since the 1957. Signature cheese winner of mondial prizes

Tuscan panzanella made of craft bread by Petra flour and sourdough, with seasonal tuscan vegetables and tuna fish from the Mediterranean sea

Tuscan zucchini crocchette with  breading of nuts and craft bread with Parmigiano Reggiano DOP fondue

First Courses

Handmade Cannelloni with aubergine cream oven cooked with cream of pecorino cheese DOP from the Caseificio “Il Fiorino”; and sausages IgP from the delicatessen “Il Borgo”

Handmade Pici with Petra flour with ragù of Chainina IgP 5R from Vallini Claudio farm and Bio tomatoes

Flour and water dampling with basil and almonds pesto with tuscan Bio cherry tomatoes

Handmade tagliolini with tuscan seasonal vegetables, italian pistachios and mozzarella from the Maremma

Second Courses

Veal Fillet IgP with roasted peppers and pecorino DOP fondue from the Caseificio “Il Fiorino”

Rabbit Igp filled with tuscan purple aubergines and Igp bacon from “Il Borgo” delicatessen and grana padano DOP fondue

Tuscan pork roulade Igp filled up with bacon IgP from “the Borgo” and  green beans on potatoes cream and green beans

Tuscan zucchini filled with sausage from “Il Borgo” delicatessen, tuscan potatoes Igp and oven tomatoes and bread crumbs