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Yellow pumpkin croquette with italian dried fruits breading and tuscan ricotta cheese

Cream of tuscan leeks with homemade oven cooked crispy bread and pork cheek IGP from delicatessen “il Borgo”

First Courses

Davido homemade with oo Petra flour filled tuscan broccoli, potatoes and sausage from the delicatessen “il Borgo”, with tuscan butter and toasted almonds

Homemade pappardelle with Petra 00 flour and eggs from Maremma with calf ragu Igp (Vallini Claudio company) and Tuscan bio tomatoe.

Picio with Petra flour regrind with turnip green top cream, Igp bacon from the delicatessen “Il Borgo” and Dop pecorino fondue from the dairy “il Fiorino”

Homemade Dumpling without potatoes with Potra “00” flour; with Tuscan yellow pumpkin cream, gorgonzola Dop and italian IgP nuts

Second Courses

Fillet steak Igp SR from Vallini Claudio Siena with classic Chianti, tuscan broccoli and seasoned Dop pecorino cheese from the “Il Fiorino” dairy

Duck chest with Tuscan Doc “vin santo” with honey and orange on stir-fried cappuccino violet cabbage.

Pork fillet from Villani Claudio Siena filled with sweet pears, igp sausage from “il Borgo” and Dop pecorino from “il Fiorino” diary with Tuscan chicory

Tuscan cabbage roll filled with chicken Bio Fileni, grana Padano Dop and Igp nuts, on Tuscan potatoes and cabbage