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Selection of Cinta DOP cold cuts from the Bezzini farm in Simignano – Sovicille (SI) with artisan bread croutons, with Cinta Senese lard, Italian walnuts and BIO acacia honey


Three Pecorino DOP selected by the Il Fiorino, cheese maker in Roccalbegna (GR) since 1957, signature pecorino cheeses that have won awards worldwide, served with fresh fruit, Italian dark chocolate, and BIO acacia honey


Baked croquettes of Tuscan purple cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke, Blue Herb from IL Fiorino cheese maker from Roccalbegna (GR) and Italian walnuts, on purple cabbage cream


First Courses

Tronchetto of choux pastry with Petra flour from Molino Quaglia, Vighizzolo D’este (PD) filled with minced Cinta Senese DOP from the Bezzini farm and soft pecorino DOP bechamel from the Fiorino cheese maker and Tuscan asparagus


Artisanal tagliolini with Petra flour from Molino Quaglia, Vighizzolo D’este (PD), cream of Tuscan broad beans and Tuscan bacon from the Butcher “Senese da Fulvio”, supplied by Azienda Agricola le Pietre, Staggia Senese and crunchy Italian almonds


Artisan pici cut by knife with Petra flour from Molino Quaglia Vighizzolo D’este (PD) with burnt red pepper cream, sausage from le Pietre farm (Staggia Senese) and soft PDO pecorino cheese from Il Fiorino cheese factory Loc. Roccalbegna (GR) from 1957


Second Courses

Filet of veal Chianino IGP 5R from the Vallini Claudio farm (SI) grilled, with Tuscan asparagus and soft cheese fonduta from the IL Fiorino Cheese maker


Double-cooked marinated duck breast stuffed with Tuscan Sausage from the Butcher Senese da Fulvio supplied by the Le Pietre, Staggia Senese and Tuscan courgettis farm, on a puree of courgettis and IGP Tuscan potatoes


Pork fillet IGP from Le Pietre Staggia Sense farm with grilled Tuscan aubergines, Tuscan bacon from Macelleria da Fulvio and soft DOP pecorino cheese fondue from IL Fiorino cheese maker on aubergine cream



Artisan Cantuccini with olive oil, with BIO white chocolate and Italian pistachios, accompanied by Ramandolo 2015 DOCG fortified wine, 100% Verduzzo Friulano


Artisan tiramisù, with vin santo from the 2012 DOCG Le Trosce farm, aged 5 years in French oak, Italian hazelnuts and Tuscan ladyfingers


Artisan crunchy dark chocolate, with wholemeal biscuits and Italian almonds and walnuts blended with Sepp Moser from 2015 Austrian Biodynamic Wine, on a bed of wild berries


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