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Welcome aperitif

IGT 2020 rosé wine from the Radda Castle farm, 100% Sangiovese, elegant, refined and hints of wild rose and strawberry and accompanied by small baskets with Petra dal Molino Quaglia flour stuffed with leeks, bacon and potatoes.


Trio of baked croquettes:
Yellow squash ricotta dal fiorino and Italian almonds
Purple cabbage with Italian walnuts and blue blue cheese from il fiorino dairy
PGI Tuscan potatoes with pancetta and pecorino dop dal fiorino.

First Course

Tronchetto of choux pastry with ground Cinta Senese DOP Tuscan artichokes and pecorino DOP bechamel from the il fiorino dairy.

Second Course

Pork fillet from the Rossi da Siena farm, stuffed with sweet pears, pancetta from the Senese delicatessen from Fulvio and a reduction of Blue Herb from Maremma, slow cooking for 3 hours in Bagno Maria, on Jerusalem artichoke and beetroot puree.


Mascarpone tiramisu from Maremma with Calabrian bargamotto and walrhona dark chocolate.


Wine 🍷 With Calma IGT of 2017 production of 1000 bottles per year
1/2 Merlot, 1/2 Sangiovese aged 10 months in French oak
Acid, clean, round, balanced wine, with a base of ripe red fruit, decisive and refined
From the Il Drago and La fornace farm (Colle val d’Elsa)

Accompaniment Vin Santo for dessert with 10 grapes and 20 years of French barrique.

Water 25oz